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Technical strength

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There are precise instruments, labs and supporting facilities for physicochemical test, microorganism test, PCR test and so on.The QC lab can conduct HPLC, GC, NMR, Gene, microorganism and other test items to satisfy pharmacopeia standard of Heparin sodium and Enoxaparin sodiumfor US, EU, China, India, Russia, etc.

QC has the most powerful Bruker NMR spectrometers on the market, Waters, Thermo, Agilent and other imported HPLC, GC, Plasma MS, Real-timeQPCR instruments, and about 20 other high-grade instruments and equipments, of which the number of imported precision instruments accounts for more than 90%.At the same time, above equipments are armed with powerful network software of Empower3 and SDMS which comply the pharmaceutical regulations to assure the product data reliability and the passing official inspections of US FDA, EDQM and China.